gratitude rocks! wednesday 3/26

Amazing how happy I am made by the restoration of zippy internet speeds. Yesterday was sheer torture, made worse by my wrong diagnosis. I called Vonage, thinking it musta been my Vonage devices because I could download okay but not send or load websites worth a damn. After nearly ninety minutes on the phone with Vonage, it was determined that it’s my internet service after all.

[Grateful that I now know a quick way to determine which vendor to call: plug a computer directly into cable modem and see if problem persists. If so, it’s Comcast. If not, call Vonage.]

Of course I tried to work with/around it all day and it was exhausting. Amazing how dependent I am on my online life.

A broiler pan tray got stuck in the dishwasher and I couldn’t remember how to raise the top tray. Couldn’t find the pdf of the manual on the computer. Couldn’t get on KitchenAid’s website—the Flash just wouldn’t complete loading. Couldn’t think of how to find their support number any other way! I went back to brute force and got the tray out. And surrendered to the fact that I’m internet dependent—I live a wired life!

I’m grateful that I was able to show up and be present for two coaching calls and that I let myself hit the road to circle with Raven and Mae Nam last night. Singing, tasting, smelling, touching, listening, tasting in the new season. Stating wishes and intentions. How wonderful!

Just followed a Tweet to this site: click every day and give food to the hungry. Free to you! Very cool.

I’m very grateful for everything I get. My needs are met. I am blessed. I have a spiritual connection that deepens and broadens daily. I have a relationship with my daughter; I would never have predicted it could get this good.

Life is amazing. I am humbly grateful. Woohoo!

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