gratitude saturday 2/9

I am amazed. I am grateful. I am amazed.

I get to the aiport on Thursday and find that my driver’s license has expired. (I guess the same *no forwarding of government mail* applies to DL renewals as to mail-in ballots!) With some extra patting down and searching and form-filling-out, I was allowed to fly.

Twenty minutes before landing at PDX, I realized that there was no way Hertz was gonna rent me a car with an expired DL. I whimpered and moaned and prayed. And moaned some more.

Steven (my doctor) and Kim, his wife, picked me up at the airport and drove me to their office.

And Karen, my host, did all the driving I needed for me the rest of the time I was in town. To the doctor, from the doctor, and again the next day. We had meals together and hung out together.

This was amazing for me. Letting go of the illusion of control in a huge way. Relaxing into being a guest and into appreciation.

I knew on the plane, once I realized my car-rental dilemma, that there was nothing to do but declare a positive outcome. And that’s what I got!

I have had healing work done, I have found a new digestive enzyme in Steven’s bag of tricks that eases my chronic evening digestive upset. I have had a lovely massage and gotten to know a new generous friend. And I had a wonderful time!

Blessed blessed be!

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