gratitude saturday 8/15

6:30 a.m. Awakened by laughter bubbling up inside me. My lover asleep in my bed. All night some parts of our body in contact. Fears melting away, one by one. Fears of closeness, of realness, of deepening intimacy.

I am in relationship with a beautiful present loving funny sexy smart competent talented generous prayerful bighearted fabulous woman. Who meets me where I am. With whom I step out into the middle ground of love and trust and meet her where she is.

I am honored blessed and, frankly, blown away. July 11th was the day the initial sparks happened. And a month ago today was the day we first kissed. Wow. Amazing, how time expands and how much can happen in what might seem like a short time (if one wasn’t aware of the magical properties of time, that is).

Conversations about partnership have entered the picture. We both clearly seem to be inviting the possibility (despite our fears and anxieties). I’ll speak for myself: I’m entertaining the idea of living with cats. To even consider this means a lot—it’s huge. To consider stepping so far out of that particular comfort zone. Love is a powerful thing.

Last night’s romantic drive in the hills and stargazing was wonderful. We saw no comets. We have to be more careful with our languaging. She posted *stargazing*. I didn’t correct her. And that’s what the universe gave us. We coulda been clearer. Comet-gazing! Oh well. It couldn’t have been much more lovely or romantic.

Enough for now. Back to bed with my lover. Life is a blessing.

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