Gratitude Saturday 9/4 I think!

I am a grateful woman.

  • I survived my first day behind the wheel in Ireland. Barely.
  • I’m grateful for the GPS I sprung for. Even though I am sure I heard her (recorded voice GPS woman) sigh the 15th time I messed up the roundabout and she said Recalculating.
  • I’m grateful the left side mirror popped back in.
  • I’m grateful I can call and request a narrower car.
  • I’m grateful for the second lovely room I’ve booked. This one is very nice.
  • I’m grateful for my three days in central Dublin. And my journey to Newgrange. The oldest astronomical observatory ever discovered. Charged. Holy. Magical.
  • I’m grateful for the second of two Indian restaurants I’ve found that cooked up to order for me. Tonite lamb and spinach. Triple yum.
  • I’m grateful for the two teenage boys who successfully popped the passenger-side mirror back in for me. Phew!
  • I’m grateful for the health and strength for this journey.
  • I’m grateful for wifi and facebook on the phone. If you’d like to you can see the photos and videos and musings I’ve posted on my personal FB page: If we’re not yet connected on FB make the request and I’ll connect us.
  • That’s all I can tap into this post. Short and sweet.

Your comments as always are so joyful to read.


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  1. LOVE, love, love hearing about your travels. Feel like I’m there with you…..almost! Keep ’em coming Honey! love you, Julie

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