Gratitude Sunday 9/12

It is very humbling to experience being a mother now. Humbling and very very different.

My daughter Rose is now 23 years old, a young woman.

Life us happening for her, to her, as it does for us all. She has a big decision to make, and make soon. Oh my heart is full of compassion and the grief that accompanies the knowing that I can’t protect her from tough decisions, nor make them for her.

I have a swelling heart full of gratitude for the gift of the relationship I have with Rosie today and the blessing of having lived long enough to thoroughly transform my life.

And I continue to pray for her ease and joy and that the learning of life’s lessons bends but doesn’t break her. And since she survived a childhood with me as well as she has, I’m confident that she’s well equipped for whatever might be next.

It’s been true for me, that old saying that whatever doesn’t kill mr will only make me stronger. May it be so for Rose as well.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I imagine it’s very hard to be so far away while this is going on, and at the same time you’re on this amazing pilgrimage. Much love and peace to you, and to Rose.

  2. Blessed Be, Sue. Well said. Sounds like the two of us are going to have a pretty intense Mabon as our Persephone daughters begin their journeys. Love you

  3. Thinking of you and Rose frequently, with love, and missing you. Today Avery climbed up the steps to your apartment and then looked at me, like, “Well? Where is she?”

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