gratitude sunday 9/6

So blessed. So very very blessed. A day of relaxation, time with my lover, with her sister, with friends, with family. Time alone. Time to just be.

Morning pedicure with Rabbit. Our second one…becoming a ritual for us. Girl talk and pampered feet. What could be better?

Then the market with Leila and Shereen. Bliss in the sunshine. Kisses, hugs (immediate big hug with Shereen, instant connection), tasting end-of-summer delicacies. And of course, serendipitously running into my sister and niece at the market. Anna and Leila finally got to meet. Barbara and Anna got to meet Shereen. So nice. Sometimes I wonder why my face doesn’t crack from smiling so much. Lunch al fresco with Leila and Shereen.

An hour with Rowan, trimming my staff on her patio. Getting it to just the right height so that the natural grip is right out from the easiest reach of my arm. More girl talk.

A workout at the gym. Rushing a bit, to make it home by 5 for a scheduled call from Tom T at Apple. Which never came. Sheesh! The only frustrating part of my day.

A delicious dinner for myself. Cooked up some crimini mushrooms a new way. Sauteed a red onion in ghee until crispy, added thinly sliced mushrooms and cooked them until delicious. Spiced with cumin, red pepper flakes and some chipotle chili powder. Yum! Another taste delight: my new batch of secondary-fermented kombucha. Oh my god! So so so so good.

Dinner: yummy meat, avocado, grilled sweet potato, some of those mushrooms, an artichoke, an ear of the best grilled corn of the summer smeared with a little ghee…Delightful, delicious, divine.

Quiet time: tv, buffing my nails, doing the Sunday Times xword puzzle, working on my staff. I’ve covered the bottom with chamois and covered the grip with recycled silk yarn (made from old saris). I’ve done three layers, will do a bunch more so that the grip is well padded and comfy to hold. More decoration to come later (I’m starting to plan it now. A feather? A sickle? I’m gonna keep it pretty simple.)

And then, a late visit from Leila and Shereen. Tea and talk. Listening to music. Singing to “Helplessly Hoping.” More smiling.

A blessed day. I am grateful for every minute.

One more thing for which I’m grateful: My iPhone app Shazam. I’m working across the room from the computer playing music. I’m playing new-to-me music (gift from Leila). I have my phone and when curious, I Shazam a song and find out in a few seconds the title and artist. This is mad magic and I love it!

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