gratitude thursday 1/10

It’s a chilly morning. Gray and wintry. I’m grateful to be up and alive and breathing the frosty air. I’m grateful for heaters and sweaters and socks. And for water boiling on the stove for my tea.

I’m grateful for productivity, for being engaged in my life, in my work.

I’m grateful for moving on to date #2 with M. For moving along this path even if it’s a little scary. It’s also fun!

I’m grateful for resuming networking and sales for my business after the holiday lull.

I’m grateful for how Rose and I are completely committed to our annual photography outing when the magnolias are in bloom. I called two botanical gardens yesterday and then called Rose and postponed our visit a couple of weeks. The blossoms that had appeared are now gone from the recent rains. Maybe we’ll be lucky at the end of the month.

I love that this is important to Rose too. A very lovely connection in our lives. And now we are scheduled to do this the week before her twenty-first birthday.

I had a massage yesterday. Here in my house. How wonderful! I am so grateful that I gave that gift to myself. Neck release. Neck release. Neck release. Mmmmmmm…..

I’m grateful for the networking meeting yesterday. I got to be the 5-minute presenter, which was great. Good practice.

And then visited with dad at his bingo game. Sat and read, kibitzed a little. He looked really good. That’s a wonderful thing.

I am grateful grateful grateful for my life. For knowing that I am taken care of, that I have everything I need. That all is well. That joy and beauty and juicy successful ventures are already mine. There is no lack. There is no pain. There is no fear. There is no isolation. I am connected. I am related. I am wealthy. I am generous. I am lucky to be alive. I am on a path. I have loads and loads to give. Spirit is guiding my life and I am blessed. And so it is.

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