Gratitude Thursday 11/10/11, Full Moon in Taurus, abundance of…everything!

Sharing knowledge first, as I often do (forgive it, please):

This Moon is known in different cultures by these names: Frost Moon, Mourning Moon, White Moon, Beaver Moon, Snow Moon, Freeze-Up Moon, Snake People Moon, Thistle Moon, Copper Moon, Malachite Moon and Frog Clan Moon.

Ahh, yes. Just came back in and saw the frost fading from the car windows. Felt the crispness in the air. Bright cold sunshine.

Today at noon-ish (12:16 to be exact) PST, the full earthy Taurean Moon will sit in the sky exactly across from the watery Scorpio Sun.

I see this powerful combination as an invitation to embrace the connection between one’s fluid emotional inner state and one’s grounded physical manifestations of purpose and desire. This is a very good day to take some time to get clear with yourself about what comes next in the realms of what’s expressed through your body (sex, pleasure, self-care); through your heart (love, creativity); and through your mind and your work.

Lisa Michaels, an awesome astro-blogger, has some lovely suggestions for working with today’s Full Moon energy. For me, I’m committing to myself (and to you!) that I’m beginning my new year of weekly articles in this space that will address issues and challenges and tips for women who want full expression of audacious juiciness in every area of their lives. Even if they have busy careers. Even if they own a business. Even if they have children. Even if their children have grown. Every.Single.One.Of.You.Beautiful.Women.

I will also spend some time in the Moon’s light and bathe in the good guidance of this Taurus Moon.



I’ve been sitting in the afterglow of my birthday for a week. I had an amazing day last Wednesday, Day of the Dead (which is an awesome birthday, hard to have a better one, especially if you resonate as I do with this time when the veils between us and our beloved dead are the thinnest). I took the day off. Had some much-needed bodywork. Met up with my gorgeous friend Jenny, who gifted me with bath goodies and lunch. We spent some yummy hours shopping at El Corazon de Pueblo (the go-to Day of the Dead store, IMO). After touching nearly every beautiful item in the store (ooh! want!), I bought an amazing life-size ceramic skull (you should see it with a candle lit inside!) complete with suture marks. [Full disclosure: the skull pictured is not the skull I bought, it’s a skull photo I just lifted from the interwebs. Yo. It’s morning, I’m hungry and I’m too lazy to go take a photo of mine. Mine is about 23% cooler than this one, maybe I’ll swap out the pics later and remove this embarrassing confession.]

I also bought myself a sirena (mermaid) sculpture. She has a skull head and is inside a coffin-shaped box. My ancestors altar is looking pretty amazing!

The day was capped with two hella awesome events. One was a conversation with Jenny and Rabbit. These women are my sisters by choice. They are women I admire, love, cherish and honor. And they conspired to gift me with an idea that’s not ready for public consumption, but which, trust me, filled and continues to fill me with humble gratitude and joy.

The second event was dispensing mitzvahs (blessings) at Occupy Oakland. I had created a page with 15 blessings on it. I printed ten sheets, cut them out individually, and had 150 blessings. Which I rolled up into scrolls, and tied with raffia.

Jenny and I stood in the middle of the wave of Occupiers headed to shut down the Port of Oakland. And we dispensed blessings. I know, 150 blessings is just a drop in the bucket. The whole thing took about five minutes. But what a beautiful five minutes it was. “Here, have a blessing.” “Would you like a blessing?” The reactions were snapshot seconds of connection, love and, oh, I don’t know, more love.

I feel fully fully blessed to have done this. And thank you to the beautiful Amy Bat for the idea that begat the idea.

Hella awesome, like I said.

On another sadder note: WTF is up with police brutality around this Occupy movement. Seriously? Yo, Berkeley police: We are the 99%. You and us. This video is almost too sad to share. This happened yesterday. In Berkeley. Which is in America. Which breaks my heart.

Wishing all a peaceful, easy, productive, loving day.


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