gratitude thursday 12/13

  1. It’s a lovely dark almost-solstice morning. 
  2. Up and about by 6:30, to have plenty of time before I go to a pre-proposal conference for a City of Oakland RFP for graphic design. This one will be worth the boatload of work to complete the RFP; I will enjoy having the CofOak for a client.
  3. I am grateful for invoices written and mailed; on schedule.
  4. I’m grateful for handling a challenging project, for facing the challenge honestly and for being willing to do what it takes to make it right and complete it.
  5. I’m grateful for new projects and possibilities of more.
  6. I’m grateful for this practice. It is crucial for me, every day, to do everything I can to think positive, speak positive, act positive. It still does not come naturally to me most of the time. Most of the time I think negative, and if left unchecked, negativity will drive my words and actions—and it’s not a pretty picture! I am now a woman who does a *lot* to keep on the path I’ve chosen.
  7. Writing these grats every morning is the first thing I do to get straight (love how my old dope-addict language works for me today).
  8. Standing in front of the mirror naked and doing a self-blessing every day is another powerful practice.
  9. My reading is changing; I’ve got a six-book reading list on women’s spirituality and I’m deep in it now.
  10. I attend ritual circles and I attend religious science worship regularly. At mid-week services last night, I heard more and more about choosing love, kindness, joy. 
  11. I also heard my favorite song. I love this one: This love (joy, peace) that I have, the world didn’t give it to me. The world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away. I sing it a lot. And I think about it a lot. Ooh, does that mean, could it possibly be, that being rejected by that woman, or that my client is not my client any more, or that my sister isn’t impressed by my blog, or la la la la la doesn’t have the power to touch my love/joy/peace? That I have the power to choose benign and positive interpretations of everything! What a shocking concept. Truly. Truly had never occurred to me. And boy was beginning this transition difficult! A painful birth.
  12. : – )
  13. I’m glad my sister came over for lunch. That we watched the Carol Burnett special together and talked and knitted and ate yummy food.
  14. I’m glad for my visit with my dad; going to his PT session with him, doing the exercises with him. I’m grateful he was lucid.
  15. I’m grateful I get to see my daughter next week. We’re going to see BodyWorlds 2. This sounds so weird! The first anatomical presentation of the human body. I’m fascinated and creeped out. Glad I’m going with my kid; she loves this stuff!
  16. I’m grateful for dating. I’m going on a second date tomorrow. I am having fun with this!
  17. I’m grateful to be grateful.


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  1. Cool! You are doing so much good!! I hope you like Body Worlds; Marion & I saw it in Portland. We both loved it; couldn’t get enough. It’s not creepy at all!

  2. I didn’t go see BodyWorks ‘cuz my friend who saw it got creeped out and advised against it!! Ha.. Go figure! Different strokes I guess!
    Have fun, Sue and THANKS FOR YOUR GRATS!!! Rock on, sista!

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