gratitude thursday 1/22

Thursday morning, blessed rain coming down. Moisture, we need the moisture!

I’m grateful to be breathing through another moment of 2009 insanity. My claims are getting lost at my insurance company. Submitted 12/2, and lost in some vortex. No resolution. Which means no reimbursement. Bordering on bizarro. Last week I was told one of the two claims was stuck in *processing* and that the CS guy would move it. Now? Now there’s no record of it ever having been received.

[I don’t know if I’m typing gibberish, as I have BlueShield’s hype on hold and horrible guitar music — a short short short repeating loop that may make me scream — running in my ear.]

And the other one of the two claims? Never received.


I’m grateful that I’m breathing and that I didn’t raise my voice (much) with the CS person on the phone.

Goddess bless America!

I am grateful to be present to my life. Yes, even freakin’ this.

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  1. Yeah, BlueShield has a tendency to “lose” things. Contact the doctor you saw and make sure everything is correct; I had a claim that took over a year to get finalized, and one of the problems was that the doctor mispelled my name. Also, for some reason they had an issue processing any of the three claims (hospital, doctor, x-ray facility) until they had all three, but one guy as MIA…it was a mess. I will think good thoughts your way, but I can say I had more success hounding the providers rather than dealing with the insurance.

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