gratitude thursday 12/27

The end of the year. Wow.

I’m grateful to be a woman who dates. That this happened to me at all is a complete miracle. I am grateful to be in this experience of relatedness. To friends. To family. To strangers. To friends I haven’t met yet. And who knows? To a lover… I declare that I am ready and open and present to being lover, loved and loving. Universe, bring it!

I am grateful for warm socks, heaters, fleece jackets and fleece pants.

I am grateful for Robert’s availability to me and for his help ordering my new iMac. I am excited!

I am grateful for my schedule. I have mountains of paper to file and eliminate; I have three external hard drives to consolidate into two. And those things are now scheduled. Ta da! I am easily pleased.

I am grateful for a quiet week between holidays. And for movies. I am seeing movies this week. Last night I saw The Savages. Thought it would be really difficult to watch as the subject area is so close to my life. It wasn’t; it was strangely unprovocative on any emotional level for me. I spent more time thinking about Laura Linney’s bad wig! I still love movies.

I’m grateful my sister wanted to see it with me and there were a lot of times during it that I wished for her company; I look forward to discussing it with her.

I’m grateful she and I have a new way to play: we’re playing Scrabble on Facebook. One move at a time. That is fun!

I’m grateful for buying new spices at Lhasa Karnak yesterday. Throwing away all the spices in the jars and replacing with new. Got some powerful strong cayenne and two kinds of chili powders. And red pepper flakes that are bright red; so different from grocery-shelf spices. Nice.

I’m grateful to take the time for myself to try on some black jeans at the used-clothing store. I pair of under-$20 black jeans will nicely round out my wardrobe. I intend to find them soon. I can see them; just need to find ’em!

I am grateful to be researching the goddess in all her incarnations. Finding out how big the pantheon is. I am tasked with finding a maiden, an amazon, a mother and a crone goddess to study during my upcoming dedication year. I think I have found the first one: Laka, sacred goddess of sunshine, goddess of hula and herbal medicine. And I’m grateful for my readings in this realm. I love learning!

I declare: I am financially free and am fully in the flow of all the abundance in the universe. Thank you, spirit. I am financially free and am fully in the flow of all the abundance in the universe. Thank you spirit. I am financially free and am fully in the flow of all the abundance in the universe. Thank you spirit. I am so grateful to know that spirit is all there is that spirit is everywhere. In the cold sunshine, in the sounds of the birds in the morning. In the smiles on people’s faces, in the kindness in their eyes. In technology, in friendship. All is god’s abundance, all is god’s love. And this unending bounty is everywhere around me. And it’s everywhere in me. In my body, in my business, in my health, in my strength, in my faith, in my finances, in my friendships, in my love. I am fulfilled with god’s abundance. And I am so grateful to know that I am in this flow, that the richness of the universe is mine to receive, and mine to give. I am so lucky to know this! I declare that my needs are met, that I am wealthy, that I freely give of my time treasure and talents and circulate the abundance with which I have been blessed. That there is no fear, no lack and no loss! All is well all is well all is already well. I release this word into the perfect law of the perfect creation in which I am blessed to dwell and I let it go, knowing that everything I want and need is already mine. And so it is and so it is and so it is! Blessed be. So mote it be.

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