Gratitude Thursday 1/27

I am grateful for the amazing balmy springtime weather. Spring in January! I’m seeing flowers everywhere. The magnolias are coming into flower, the calla lilies are blooming, I see the bulbs coming up, the daffodils and irises.

I’m grateful for friendship. For the beautiful friends who are in my life.

I’m grateful for dancing. For the new dance that started last night, Wednesdays at the Berkeley City Club. Beautiful venue, good dancers, great energy. Fun! Lindy hop and Balboa for an hour. Joyful!

I’m grateful for health, for vitality and energy.

I’m grateful for opportunity and commitment and growth.

I’m grateful for eating lightly and very very well.

I’m grateful for the turning of the wheel and the return of the light. Phew!!

I’m grateful for inspiring businesspeople and clients.

I’m grateful grateful grateful!

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  1. Hey honey, do you know anything about how the lessons are at the dancing den Wednesday nights? I also want you to know about a beautiful magnolia tree on campus. Call if you want the info.

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