gratitude thursday 1/8

Good morning. Good morning. It’s a good morning.

I have taken on values and virtues, one of each for each month of this year, for myself and for my coaching clients—any who are interested in the concept. The value for January is leadership. From the inside out. Stepping into leadership in the way I’m managing my energy. What does that look like? Like this: When I find myself being petty or resentful—I don’t know, fifty or a hundred times a day—I remind myself that, since I’m committed to leadership, this would be a good moment for me to make a shift. Step out of the pettiness, step off the resentment highway, step onto a path that reflects my positive values. Be a leader. To myself. To my friends and family. To my community. This can be very quiet, a simple shift in tone and body language. Notable mainly to myself. Or it can be more external, coloring my interactions with everyone. I will say that the internal is harder than the external. Duh.

The virtue for January is hope. Which is particularly good this January of 2009, with all the uncertainty and gloomy forecasts everywhere one looks. Hope about today and hope about tomorrow. For me this reinforces my commitment to keep my thoughts positive. I am rigorous about my mind chatter; when I catch myself worrying about money, about love, about health—when my monkey mind is generating its own gloomy forecasts—I turn myself around. I have a big toolbox. I breathe. I change my thinking. I get active—endorphins rock. I do something for someone else. I get generous.

And this gratitude practice helps. Every morning—many mornings, anyway—I have this opportunity to focus my thoughts and my intentions in a positive way. Leadership and hope. Blessed be.

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