gratitude thursday 2/12

I’m dating myself; I always think of this day as Lincoln’s birthday, an obsolete concept, I know. Lincoln’s and Washington’s b’days got combined into President’s Day when I was a kid. I think it’s true—I remember best those things that happened to me in my youth. (Pre–brain cell destruction caused by 20+ years of round-the-clock pot smoking? Do you think?)

One more day before Pantheacon. I’ve created and printed out the handouts for two of the rituals I’m working—an astro report for Grove and a program for the Oracles of the Living Tarot. Done and done!

I’m grateful for getting through a challenging day yesterday. My satellite radio device broke down and I did some research and replaced some hardware ($220 later…). And then installed it in my car and in two rooms of my home. How nice to listen to satellite through a receiver that actually works! No crackly buzzy sounds. I’ve been tolerating bad technology. And now I’m not.

The hardware swap and installation inspired some serious decluttering and releasing. I put a tv and vcr on the street (which are already gone—never takes long in the ‘hood) and made plans to return a cable box to the cable company, reducing my cable fees.

I released old sheets and towels, many books and more.

This round of decluttering is monumental—I can’t believe how much stuff I have in this tiny place! Really can’t believe. it.

I’m grateful for this creative spurt. I’m hand-appliquéeing like mad. Fun.

Life is good and I’m enjoying it.

Blessed be.

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