gratitude thursday 2/5

Rain. Yes! Bring on the rain. I see little clouds with raindrops in the weather forecast thingy in my browser toolbar. Hooray.

Even if it means Rose and I will be drenched when we go magnolia shooting on Saturday. Magnolia shooting? I’ve been taking pictures of myself and my child with magnolias in bloom as a backdrop ever since she was a baby. Our annual photo shoot. No matter how tough our relationship gets, we have never missed this. And that’s a wonderful thing.

I’m grateful for my coaching practice and my clients. Current and yet to come.

I’m grateful for my graphic design business and my clients. Current and yet to come.

I’m grateful for interesting and creative work. For the creative spark that is flowing freely through me.

I’m grateful to trust the process and the product. And to ignore that voice of worry about how my work looks and how good it is.

I’m grateful for being a good and innovative cook. Instead of grilling yesterday, I roasted and stir-fried and otherwise prepared yummy meat. This was inspired: brown chicken pieces, roast at 375º for ten minutes, turn oven down to 325º and add a container of Madras simmer sauce. 35 minutes later, yum yum yum!

I made the whole thing up! I love cooking.

I am grateful for my life.

Blessed be.

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