gratitude thursday 4/1

Today’s Note from the Universe describes the value of a gratitude practice so nicely:

For simply giving thanks, Sue, when you lay down to sleep each night, or, from time to time, for no reason or rhyme, you’ll begin to move with life instead of against it.

You’ll be shown that life could not possibly be more beautiful than it is now. You’ll see that you are the fountainhead of your experience. You’ll remember that you transcend all things time and space, and thus are their very master. And you’ll find that you live in a paradise where the only thing that truly seems impossible is how powerful you really are and how much you are loved.
What else would you think about, anyway?


Lovely. I don’t know that I self-transport all the way to paradise when I take my stand in gratitude; I do know I get closer to it. It’s simple spiritual physics. When I state my gratitude the attachment to self-obsession and negative thinking loosens and I can step away. Fear and faith; abundance and lack; love and bitterness—none of those pairs can exist in the same place at the same time. Love that!

For one of my type, with a monkey mind full of disempowering thought, consistent gratitude practice—mixed with prayer and ritual and generosity—saves me from myself. As they told me a long time ago, when I’m alone with my own mind I’m in a bad f’ing neighborhood.

Life is lovely and I am grateful.

Last night my Sharp Carousel II microwave died after nearly 30 years. Really couldn’t get too upset about it, could I? An appliance I bought in the early 80s? That’s a long life.

Did a boatload of research online. Read reviews. Read more reviews. Called my sister and bro-in-law; got their advice. Then went to Best Buy, looked up more reviews on my phone. Of the four I was considering, I ended up buying the second-most expensive GE microwave. The only one that didn’t have a review anywhere. I get 30 days to return it if it fails and then a year support from GE.

My little kitchen has a built-in under-the-counter box for the microwave. I measured the space—twice—before I went to the store. There was no way I could swap out the MWs myself. I made two calls and got a loving visit from BenZo. He uninstalled the old one and the new one fits perfectly.

It’s more powerful than my old one; I’m gonna have to heat stuff gingerly. Don’t want to shrivel and char my food.

Old microwave is in the backseat until Tuesday when I can drive up to the recycling center and pay $3 to properly dispose of the device.

Done and done! No stress. Life is good.

I am a grateful woman for moving through this with ease. For a sense of humor and lightness about dealing with life as life happens. And life continues to happen! Love that…

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