Gratitude Thursday 4/19

Gratitudes at night, right before bed.

I am grateful that I am healthy.

I am grateful that the people in my life who know about my gratitude practice remind me of it when I’m complaining, and that I am willing and able to stop complaining and shift to gratitude. On a dime, frequently (not always!).

I am grateful that the garden is coming alive.

I am grateful that last night when I broke a jar flooding my kitchen with a gallon of kombucha my reaction, while ridiculous, wasn’t dangerous. I didn’t get loaded, yo. I spent an hour trying on workout pants at Target (an ego-killing exercise if I ever saw one), bought nothing, not even a mop which would have been a good purchase (sticky floor). Came home and remembered, a couple of hours later, that forgiveness and love are available, even here. Only took about four hours to remember.

I am grateful that I have the $1,070 needed to repair the A/C in my car. Luxury problem.

I am grateful for a little more ease every day in my belly.

I am grateful for this cleanse. More than halfway done.

I am grateful for rice and quinoa back in my diet. Soothing.

I am grateful that even though I am very annoyed at these font problems, I am calm(ish).

I am grateful I can laugh at myself.

I am grateful I can see through my new lenses, which are an improvement over the old ones.

I am grateful that I have friends in my life.

I am grateful that I am committed to wellness.

I am grateful for the women I serve.

I am very grateful for Erika Watson, and for her generosity.

I am blessed.


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