gratitude thursday 4/23

I’m so grateful! The act of getting up and going to a WIC meeting last night did the trick. I was feeling weighed down by economic reality (and fear about the future). And now I’m inspired again. I’ve been up and at it since 6:30ish this morning, networking networking networking. Blessed be!

I’m grateful for dreams of kale and chard growing tall and delicious.

I’m grateful for the next three weekends of spring celebrations. Earth Day and People’s Park shindigs this weekend; Beltane next weekend; Pagan Pride the week after.

And I’m grateful for the poker game I initiated. It finally happens tomorrow night. Woohoo!

I’m grateful for family. For willingness. For warm clothes when it’s chilly (like today). And rain is in the forecast; guess I get a break from watering.

I’m grateful for getting to the gym twice this week. My inner thighs hurt! Guess the new exercise is working.

I’m grateful for my wonderful grill…I get to grill asparagus and sweet potato spears whenever I want to. Five minutes warm-up time and the grill is ready to go.

I’m grateful for the internet—was able to find the replacement grates for my grill (after almost four years, one of the grates has broken). I love the internet: google the part number or model number and poof! everything I need is at my fingertips. How cool is that!

Blessed be. Blessings to all sentient beings.

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