gratitude thursday 4/3

I am grateful this morning! I slept so well, and not propped up at all. A wee bit of coughing; one lozenge got me through the night. Such improvement.

I tried a couple of different things this time. It was really difficult to do this one, to vehemently deny dis-ease. I kept saying No No No! There is no illness here. There is only health and life and easy breathing and clear lungs. There is no illness here.

That was so tough to do and at the same time it felt great.

The other thing I did differently was to change my yoga practice to restoratives. Chest openers and supported relaxation poses.

Those two things—one mental and one physical–combined with lots of healing herbs and homeopathics and tea and water and vitamin C and zinc lozenges and here I am feeling much better on day four. Woohoo!

I am grateful for the mountain of writing and crafting I did yesterday preparing the outline, an intro, quotes to read and a two-sided poster for the workshop I’m giving next weekend. Still have loads to do; I’m well on the way. Good for me. I’m grateful for planting myself in this chair and persisting.

I’m grateful for work moving along nicely, for deadlines met and clients willing to work with me on scheduling when necessary/possible.

I’m grateful for time at the gym and for working out gently.

I’m grateful the writer’s strike is over and for new programming on tv. Nice for downtime.

I’m grateful to be grateful. Blessed be.

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