gratitude thursday 5/20

What a beautiful visit with my daughter Rose and her friend Lacey. An unplanned couple of hours together. I invited them to stay for dinner and we made it work (kitchen was mid-kombucha making, counters crowded with jars and bottles and bowls). We served ourselves from the fridge, nuked our food. I had just the right amount of food already made: grilled corn and sweet potato spears, greens from the garden, artichokes, homemade ‘bucha, quinoa.

Hearing my kid tell Lacey that she loves eating here because she doesn’t usually get such good veggies in her life (eating mostly fast food as she does), makes me want to feed her at least once a week!

It was a stretch for me (I’m so set in my ways)…took a while for me to embrace chaos and invite them to stay. I am so glad I did—I could just feel the love as we sat and ate and talked! In retrospect, I think I could have even asked them to participate in the rest of the ‘bucha making with me. Hmmmm, next time I think I will!

Erased my old laptop for her, and it’s all set up and ready for her to take home on Sunday when I see her again. She’s taking me to see Iron Man as my mother’s day gift. Lacey’s gonna come again too and we’ll all go to brunch first and then to a walk and the movie.

I am so blessed and so grateful. What a gift!

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