gratitude thursday 5/22

Thursday morning, up early. The most unsettling thing in my life is the new fact that I have to use one remote to change the channel or work the DVR and another remote to change volume or mute. This is a pain in the ass. I have to smile. It’s my only stressor. Life is good. I will find someone to help me figure this out. Until then I will use two remotes.

TV season winding down. Good. Less tv means more art, more reading, more spiritual work.

I’m grateful for inspired coaching. For widening my repertoire. For taking risks.

I’m grateful for a nice guy cable tv tech showing up at my door. A refreshing change after some of the difficult tech calls last week.

I’m grateful for my niceness. I take time to say *how are you?* at the start of a phone call. I take time to thank people.

It’s funny. When I got a confirmation call yesterday about an acupuncture appointment, I said *how are you?* to the office worker. I could hear her stop and, after a beat, respond and take a moment to converse. It was pleasant. I was in the moment, not needing to hurry it up.

I am liberated from feeling annoyed much of the time. From feeling perpetually put upon. This is the gift. The one I never thought I would have.

I am blessed.

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