gratitude thursday 6/25

I’ve been finding it hard to show up to my commitment to gratitude.

Probably because I’ve been feeling challenged in so many areas of life recently.

Back to basics, with a smile on my face.

I am grateful for life. I am grateful to be alive, healthy, fit, clean and sober.

I am grateful for gratitude practice, even though it’s my thrown-to way of being to dwell in darkness. This practice is my invitation into the light and I can accept this invitation over and over again.

I am grateful for loving caring people in my life. For women who listen and care and hold space for my greatness.

I am grateful for this season of light, for sunshine and growth I see everywhere around me.

I am grateful for dwelling in possibility. For keeping that door open too. There is possibility everywhere I look.

I am grateful for affirmative prayer.

I speak my word right now for the easy easy easy financial abundance and security that is mine, already mine. I am gifted with wonderful clients and a growing coaching practice where I can be of service every day. I am blessed with dynamic, challenging and fun graphic design projects that pay very very well. Being of service in both of these practices allows me to share my gifts with others on many levels. I am of service, I am secure and supported. Being in this luxurious abundance offers me the safety and security to experience life’s truest gifts: most especially love. I know that the universe, and spirit, is loving and abundant and wealthy and that this love and abundance and wealth is already mine. Since I too am part of this creation, of this universe, I know that this love and abundance and wealth of spirit is also available for me. I know that I am already loved, loving, abundant and wealthy. That the things I need and envision are already on their way to me. I already have everything I need to be in this flow. The universe is love. Spirit is abundance. Spirit is wealth. The universe has given me this desire and with it everything I need to make it manifest, to let it all flow through me in perfect joy. I have nothing to fear, for I am one with this loving spirit. I am so grateful to be in this knowing. I am so grateful to be the recipient of this love and wealth and abundance. I release this prayer into this perfect loving wealthy and abundant universe. I am totally clear and unafraid and open to receive the gifts of this beautiful life, this moment, this day, and going forward. I am at peace. Blessed be.

I am grateful to be present to the gifts that are already all around me. And so it is.

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  1. Hi 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing ur gratitude writings as they help me too realize the beauty in my own life. I suggest that you add a social networking share button so your readers can share further your posts via their facebook accounts and similar services.

    I remain grateful that your posts helps me every morning in many ways.



    • Maz, If I could only figure out how to add a FB/Twitter share button, I’d do it! Any tips?

      Thanks for your beautiful words. Blessed be!

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