gratitude thursday 6/26

It’s late in the morning for me. 8am. I was up late last night working on my Tarot studies. The first session of class ended last night. We take a month off now and then resume in August.

In class last night Rabbit did a demo reading and I volunteered to be the subject. My question was about my one sister’s idea that we should visit our other sister and whether it would be good for me to go.

The reading was amazing. Very clear. An opportunity to be my best self in my birth family. An opportunity for my father to be with his three daughters one more (one last?) time. A rite of passage. I’m in.

My sister—the one who suggested the trip—was amazed to get my phone call after class, was amazed to hear me saying Yes!, unequivocally Yes.

To tell the truth, I’m amazed too. And I have no reservations. An extremely clear reading.

I’m grateful to be a Tarot student.

I’m grateful for time with my sister yesterday (our visit during which this whole idea of the visit was hatched). We had a difficult interaction about old secrets that she was moved to tell me; old secrets of my mother’s, old secrets involving gifts of family jewelry, old pain of the outcast/black sheep that I was and the things that happened as a result. And I stayed in the conversation. Through the pain and the tears. I didn’t leave. And for that I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for online traffic school.

I’m grateful for relief from challenging symptoms. I’m grateful to feel so well. I am whole. I am healed. My body works. I am strong. And so it is.

It is done. It is done. It is done done done.

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  1. Sue, I was very moved by your gratitudes this morning; both about the potential trip (notice I still use the word potential) and about the jewelry. I am grateful to have you as my sister and that you are in my life. I’m grateful that you have taught me the gratitude practice (which I don’t use all the time but have used it often). I am grateful that we have family. I am grateful for your influence on how I eat. I am grateful that you taught me how to grill sweet potatoes and beets. I’m grateful for your love.
    I love you.

  2. Sue, I am gratefull that the black sheep you talk about is no longer. I’m gratefull that my friend and sister is such a strong, spirited, determined, and careing woman. Black sheeps really do clean up nicely!
    love and light
    ps-you know how to grill sweet potatoes? Maybe we should talk.

  3. Kismet, I love grilling vegetables. It’s grilled corn season. Yum! And yes I do grill sweet potato spears, my specialty. I’d be happy to share and to teach my techniques.


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