gratitude thursday 7/16

My practice is getting more elusive, and I think this is when I need daily gratitude check-ins the most.

So here I am. Laptop on lap, feet up on bed in hotel room. Dressed, groomed, ready to step out into the day.

I’m in Portland, attending a conference. Taking the opportunity to meet community tv clients-to-be.

And visiting my Portland naturopath, getting some treatment I can’t get at home.

Here’s one miracle: The skinned toe was absolutely not healing, and after I asked my doc to look at it yesterday, I took his advice and scoured the shelves at two stores looking for open shoes that don’t rub on the sore spot. I found a pair of Adidas flip flops that look okay and fit well and do not rub on the owie. For $30. Love Nordstrom Rack. Love men’s shoes.

‘Specially since the only other option was a pair of ghastly bright orange patent leather women’s sandals—Cole Haan—that were marked down to $104. I am so glad I didn’t have to buy those horrible things. I would have blanched every time I looked at my feet.

*Ghastly* and *blanched* in the same paragraph. Don’t think I’ve ever used those words before. I think Leila’s language choices are rubbing off on me.

I am so grateful for Leila’s gift to me yesterday. She shared the knowing that I don’t have to know how; I just need to know what. And commit fully to it.

So this is my prayer today. I know what. I know what with all my heart. I know that my commitment to what it is, what it looks like, is definite. It’s as huge and empowered and abundant and successful as the universe. The ever-expanding, loving, wonderful universe. And I know that everything I need and want is already mine to have. And that the more I turn my back on lack and fear, the quicker and easier it is for me to receive the bounty the universe has for me. I release and let go and I trust. The universe has my back. I am so grateful to know this. And so it is.

I am a grateful woman. Life is good. Everyone I meet today is someone for whom I can be of service. I don’t need to know anything else. Like Chuck C says in A New Pair of Glasses, *for free and for fun.*

Blessed be.

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