gratitude thursday 7/21

I am crazy grateful for love, friends, the generosity of others.

At the gym, doing Pilates, and I get a text from Ladybug and Webster: Want to come over for lobster?

Whoa! Yes please!lobster

Now this is lobster, folks, not langoustine, not lobster tails. What I call Maine lobster. What Webster just toted home from Boston.

I walk in and get handed a beautiful, perfectly cooked 1-pound lobster. Which I devoured. Just like riding a bike, the skills I learned as a kid are right there. Sucking the meat out of the antennae and claws. Picking the meat out of the cartilage in the tail. Breaking open the tail to get the bits of meat there. And getting at every corner of the claws and oh goddess! what a feast.

Ladybug doesn’t like lobster but she did get a kick out of watching me with juice running down my arms devouring the whole thing. And, making a dent in picking at the carcass of the big big one Webster was eating.

I am grateful for this unexpected delight and for the grace to say yes yes yes!

I am grateful for the love I feel with my friends and for their three boys.

I am grateful for gorgeous summer sunshine.

I am grateful for health and strength.

I am grateful for good books and a library system that allows me to reserve and read them for free.

I am grateful for my skills as a cook.

I am grateful for the ideas that are forming for my book/multimedia experience.

I am just plain grateful.

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