gratitude thursday 7/9

How grateful am I for my friends and family of choice. I am blessed.

So wonderful to do a spontaneous (same-day notice) full moon ritual outside on Tuesday, when the moon was at her fullest. We made herbs and oils. We walked in the cemetery to where we could see the moon rising behind the trees. We sang, we made wishes. We sent magical loving intentions out, directed to where they need to go.

This followed my second Women’s Financial Freedom workshop. Attendance tripled from last time. Very nice! A great group. Lots of provocative and supportive money conversations.

I’m grateful that my skinned knees are healing (I hope!). I sure would like to get another pair of eyes on my skinlessness and make sure I’m doing okay with my self-care.

I’m grateful for meeting deadlines, even the self-imposed ones. It’s hard being my own client!

I’m grateful for gratitude.

Blessed be.

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