gratitude thursday 8/21

Wow. What a life. What a day. I am so grateful for this moment. For being able to show up in love and kindness. For having a conversation with my daughter, after she had hung up on me in anger and frustration, that was wonderful. Wonderful mainly because she participated in it, instead of hanging up again. Wonderful because we actually talked to each other.

I’m grateful for the release of weeping. For grief. For letting go of she who was my world, giving her a push to the opportunity to make herself her own world. And [ahem] in the vacuum comes an opportunity for me to make myself my own world. Funny how that works.

I’m grateful for being open to suggestion and for sending my daughter a note that says in big bold letters *I believe in you.* And that what’s most important to me is that she be happy.

I’m grateful for letting go even though it’s so painful.

I’m grateful for a new business opportunity that showed up in my inbox. Nice.

I’m grateful for time with Rowan yesterday. Talk, crafty stuff, dinner and then Tarot class.

And for the yarn swap with Stephanie. Fun.

I’m grateful for this gratitude blog and that there are people in my life who read it. I’m grateful to be feeling better daily, although I wish I wasn’t getting so tired at 9pm every day! Putting a damper on my dance life.

I am free I am whole I am complete. All is well all is well all is already well.

Blessed be!

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