gratitude thursday 8/26

I am breaking radio silence! No it hasn’t been intentional at all. I’ve been so filled with travel plans that I’ve been in a state of utter preoccupation!

Editing and massaging the checklist…I am going to offer my checklist to all travelers. It’s a gift from a friend (thank you Heidi!)  that I’ve now made my own and it’s awesome!!


Buying things to make my travel easier. GoToobs, travel cubes, compression socks (guess my doc’s advice about long flights and blood clots was good enough to follow; high on the mortification factor).

Researching like crazy. Oh, wow, good to know one might have knitting needles confiscated in Europe (different rules than here). Off to the knitting store again to buy bamboos. And packing waste yarn and yarn needles. Preparation on so many levels!

Giving effort required to make my jeans as comfy as possible (stretching over backs of chairs), and then having another friend (thank you LB!) help me choose the best-looking ones to bring. I can only bring one pair of jeans! Oy vey. I’m the world’s worst overpacker. This is quite a lesson for me…

And reading reading reading The Art of Pilgrimage by Cousineau. I recommend it to any traveler, on journeys long and short. It creates a beautiful context for being open to every miracle a journey can provide.

I feel so blessed and I am so grateful!

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  1. Glad to hear it’s going so well! And can’t wait to see what the packing list has transformed into. I’ll be excited to see you additions/revisions for when I take my next trip!

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