Gratitude thursday 9/24

It is a beautiful full moon Mabon (autumn equinox) evening in Provence.

Cloudy, cool, might have rain tomorrow. I am about to go to sleep for the third night out of eight in this beautiful yellow and orange room with a perfectly comfortable king-size bed.

Took a hot bubble bath in the tub.

Made my dinner in this perfect Provencale kitchen: rotisserie chicken from the local butcher; eggplant sliced thin, salted/sweated, and sautéed with curry powder (bought at the most beautiful spices stall ever at the farmers market–see pix on facebook); chard/carrots/zucchini from last night; and an artichoke, also from this morning’s market.

I am enjoying exploring Provence, by car and on foot. Taking lots and lots of pictures. The ochre hills, the ancient stone huts, walls and buildings, it’s pretty magical. Went to a bourie village today—old stone huts. Did my equinox ritual there. In deepest gratitude, I tucked all the origami cranes from my second Saturn return celebration into crevices in the walls, along with tiny seashells from my altar and, most importantly, I think, the ceramic leaf from the spring equinox ritual on which I wrote my intention to make this journey. It is very tiring to my index finger to type on the phone, so I’ll end this post now.


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