gratitude thursday 9/3

Wonder. Curiosity. Acceptance. Ebb. Flow. Standing in relatedness in a way I never have before. Watching my reactions and my emotions. Observing my attachments.

I am grateful for this blessing. I think the most important thing is how I’m being in this. The only person in the room over whom I have any control is myself. I have a high bar set in my life. To be coach/priestess 24/7. Keeps things very simple, actually.

So…Do I extend myself even when the ground feels shaky? Do I show up to communication that is challenging? Do I speak my truth? I will say I’m not batting 1.000 here. I will also say I’m in a whole new level of Yes. A whole new level of willingness.

I know my tendency to shut down when things aren’t working the way I think they should. I know my tendency to be afraid to say what’s going on for me. (Other than that, I don’t know much, since I’m in an entirely new territory here.) Tendency, schmendency. I am not a prisoner of my past. What a gift.

So. I stand in this present moment. Accepting what is. Letting go a little of the past and the future. Resisting that oh-so-human tendency to make meaning. Loving myself. Loving loving loving. Being a Yes to possibility.

Think I’ll add my daily draw here:

Today’s Tarot card: The Hierophant. Rise above worldly concerns and step into creative power. What are the keys of the kingdom for me?

I am blessed. Life is wonderful. I stand in gratitude for my life, my family, my work, my lover, my health, my home, my safety, my friends, my spiritual path, my commitments, for the pleasures offered me.

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