gratitude wednesday 9/2

I am amazed amazed amazed. Love. I get to have love in my life. Funny sweet generous tearful lustful affirming honoring blessed beautiful love. I celebrate this. I celebrate living long enough, being willing enough, having my eyes hands and heart open enough. I celebrate the invitation (thank you thank you thank you Leila joon!) and I celebrate being Yes to the wonder and possibility. And I celebrate the woman I am lucky enough to love. And who loves me. Miracles. Nothing else but miracles.

I celebrate the honor of being named one of the Top 100 inspirational blogs by The Daily Reviewer. (See comment on last post.) Gotta say, I’m not surprised that my level of inspiration has reached others. It’s pretty strong, isn’t it? I am touched and honored and blown away by the recognition.

I am blessed and humbled and happier than I ever dreamed I’d be. Life is a giant gift for which I am nothing but grateful. Blessed be.

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