gratitude tuesday 9/8

I am grateful this morning. Wonderfully grateful for everything in my life. (Here’s a secret. I say this even when I’m out of sorts. Anxious. Worried. And stepping into gratitude has a direct effect on my state of mind—alleviates the out-of-sortsness.)

So. I am grateful for a beautiful Labor Day yesterday. From a quick visit to my sister’s. To my workout at the gym. To my hours and hours with Leila. Love, lunch, and labor (working together).

(I acknowledge the spate—excessive?—of alliteration in my writing these days. I’ve been listening to and singing “Helplessly Hoping” over and over again and I think I’ve gone alliteration-matic!)

I am grateful for the deepening and broadening of this love, of this connection. Wild and wonderful.

I am grateful for so much, for sunshine, for sunrise staining the sky. For growth and harvest of seeds planted (physical, emotional, spiritual). For wild hair styled by lovemaking. For blue-painted toenails. For health and strength. Fitness and flexibility. For delicious food prepared by my lover. Steak and veggies and salad. I love eating with her. I love our mutual appetites.

I’m grateful for persistently loving my daughter even when she is snippy with me (she’s persistent too). Called her last night at 11 and loved her up.

I’m grateful for a long talk with my friend Barbara. Catching up. Enjoying each other.

Oh yeah, and I’m grateful for reaching out to my sister with love and generosity, even if the response I get is unbelievably unloving (to put it mildly). And for Leila’s loving support around the response. The message I get, the only one that makes any sense: Let go! Let go! Let go!

I’m grateful for gratitude. And for every comment written on my blog by readers. I invite all, if inspired, to leave a comment here. It means the world to me to know that my grats move and inspire others. Thank you.

Blessed be.

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