Gratitude, and more, as the Harvest Moon shines down on us…

Full Moon in Pisces

Monday Sept. 8, 2014 16º19′ Pisces 6:38 pm Pacific 9:38 pm Eastern

It feels so good to come back to Moon posts with you!

I am sorry I was away from these posts for so long; it took quite a while to get strong enough to begin again. Thanks for your loving patience.

Are you noticing, as the days get shorter, that there seems to be more light?

That’s because this big fat Harvest Moon in Pisces — waxing toward Full as I write this — is brightening up the nights already. With any luck, and with clear nights, you should be able to bask in Her glow until the middle of next week.

HarvestMoon2014Let’s take a moment together, in gratitude, as we move into and through this Full Moon window

We’re approaching the Equinox, in just a few weeks. Here in the Bay Area in California, it’s harvest time. As you look around and discern what you’ve been blessed to harvest over this last season, I invite you to take some time under the light of the Moon — go outside if you can — to acknowledge all you’ve received and to invite abundance in the coming season, by spending some time in this exercise: Ground, Center, and Commit.

  • Ground. Feel yourself in your body. Feel your feet on the floor. Take a few full and relaxed breaths. Imagine yourself suspended from above by a silken thread, connecting you to heaven. Feel your feet sending your roots down into Mother Earth. (Those of you have studied martial arts should be familiar with this image and the ones that follow.) Connected above and below. The energy of the heavens moving through you and grounding you into the earth. Take another minute, and feel your feet even more deeply. Where’s your weight? If you can imagine your weight distributed across the four corners of your feet, you should be able to feel very stable, very grounded. What can you bring to your business, to your magnificent life, from this place of groundedness and connection?
  • Center. Put your hands on your belly for a few breaths. Feel your belly expanding on the in-breath and sinking back a bit on the out-breath. Start shifting your weight from foot to foot — slowly — and feel how you can continue to feel grounded even as you move. Take a few slow steps. Try stepping with an empty — unweighted — foot, and then slowly shift your weight into it. Reground, and then take another step. What will you accomplish for your business if you slow down enough to feel centered as you go?
  • Commit. Continue taking slow steps, and as you place your empty foot and then shift weight into it, feel that invitation to full commitment as you shift most of your weight into your forward foot. I am here. I am standing here. I claim sovereignty over this stance. And then take another slow and committed step. What will you bring to your business, to those you are meant to serve, if you are fully committed to each step you take?

Have I left anything out? What comes to you when you think about grounding, centering, and commitment? Let me know in the comments.

Each month’s Full Moon invites you to acknowledge and express gratitude for what you have been given, what you have learned…

Each month has its harvest as well — we set our intentions during the Dark Moon, and we acknowledge what we manifested when she’s Full. That gives us double the opportunity this month for gratitude. I’ll jump in, because I have so much gratitude to share!

  • I am grateful to be strong enough, recovered enough, to come back to the Moon posts here in my blog. I’ve missed them.
  • I am grateful to have learned so much about how I am in relationship to my work and my health, and that I’ve been willing to put more rest and more healing practices into place.
  • [Here’s one that has been a real lesson for me:] I am grateful I got so sick. I learned so much. About control — there was so much control I had to release in order to survive my health crisis. About priorities: I actually blogged from my hospital bed, and was going to continue to do that, until a cherished friend gave me a virtual loving dope slap, reminding me that my job was to survive!
  • I am grateful for the love and support of my tribe: my clients, my readers, my colleagues.
  • I am grateful for the people in my life who made sure I had food — and ate it even when I had no appetite; who washed my clothes; who did my shopping; and visited with me. Blessed!

I invite you, beloved, to share your gratitude with me in the comments. 

Please share the love!

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  1. Great post, Sue. It’s always a pleasure to read the posts of fellow Visionary Female Authors.

    I am grateful for the cool wind as it rustles through the trees, setting the already changing leaves to descend playfully, swirling about me, all whilst coaxing the wind-chimes to play for me a gentle, soothing, peaceful, melody.

    I am grateful for the awareness that in every choice i make, all i need to do is stop and ask myself: “Is this who I am?” And if it does not resonate within me, I breathe, let it go, center myself, and act from a place of Love and compassion, honouring who I am.

    I am grateful for feeling loved and accepted and encouraged and for having the strength within me to offer the same

    I am grateful for the lessons of the Universe and the irony and laughter that comes along with them.

    I am grateful for the patience and kindness of friends who reach to me when i am having a rare and discombobulated day.

    I am grateful for my family and the blessings and challenges they bring to my life. You all show me the truth of who I am, and teach me how to open my heart more and more and more

    • Shelley, how lovely to read your inspiring gratitude…. I am just winding down from a very busy, more-people-more-social-than-usual weekend, and I feel a lovely peace descending upon me as I recenter into myself inside the poetry of your words.

      Love and blessings,

  2. Thank you sweet Sue! I’m so happy you are on the mend.

    I am grateful for the sound of the wind rustling through the maples trees in my yard.

    I am grateful to be married to an earth angel.

    I am grateful for the way the light dances through the giant feathery ferns on my front porch.

    I am grateful for showing myself the compassionate self-care I deserve.

    I am grateful for my funny, bright and lovely daughter.

    I am grateful for my breath…

    • Shann, thank you, precious, I feel a little stronger every day.

      Enjoying each in- and out-breath, so grateful to be on this journey, and for the loving recognition.


    • Julieanne, welcome here.

      Hope you are enjoying each teeny tiny shift of weight, of light, of life….

      Love and magic,

  3. Sue, so glad to feel your energy back so strong! (First gratitude…). We had a gorgeous, clear night here in the Hudson Valley last night and that moon was indeed magnificent.

    I am grateful for having had an amazing journey to Israel, traveling and arriving home safe.

    I am grateful for the quiet sadness of all that is percolating in me from that trip, and the fact that a piece of my heart got left behind.

    I am grateful for the chance to begin afresh today with focusing on my business, who I want to serve and how.

    I am grateful for our friendship and curious to see where our dwindling MM group will take us.

    I am grateful for a strong body and the chance to take care of it so that it stays that way (because it clearly takes more effort as the years go by!)

    I am grateful for this post and the lesson to feel each shift…

    • Sharon, love, so good to hear from you now that you’re back. I’m really resonating with your next-to-last gratitude. I am now allowing almost three hours self-care (including bathing, body rehab stuff, movement, exercise, and meditation) before I touch my computer each day. It feels marvelous, and I kinda wish I hadn’t waited until so much of it was necessary before I began this practice.

      Love and moonlight,

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