gratitude wednesday 10/20

I’ll share some gratitude

  • I’m a grateful woman.
  • I’m grateful for health and strength.
  • I’m grateful for curiosity, for being a lifelong learner.
  • I’m grateful for generosity, for the excitement I feel when I make and give gifts for others.
  • I’m grateful for gratitude, for getting in touch with and expressing the best part of myself by this practice.
  • I’m grateful for some new practices that are really working for me.

I make my bed as soon as I awaken, first thing, and I do it with care. I’ve been really sloppy and inconsistent with the practice, and while I was making my bed every day, I was doing it haphazardly. I like the feeling of walking out of my room with a tidy bed.

I am willingly upping my t’ai chi practice every morning, under the tutelage of my amazing acupuncturist—Chris Randle of Oakland Community Acupuncture (he is also an accomplished t’ai chi practitioner). He recommended that I add some standing and holding work every day to the nearly hour-long practice I’m doing every day. The goal is more ease in my foot and knee and I can feel it working. I have an amazing capacity to take on hard work and for that I am extremely grateful.

  • I’m grateful for being such a good cook. I made a boatload of veggie delights last night:

eggplant rounds topped with sliced tomatoes from the garden and grated sheep pecorino roasted in the oven

roasted brussels sprouts—a winter staple in this house

kale chips—my first attempt and they are delicious!!

  • I’m grateful grateful grateful. And now I get to pack my lunch and eat my breakfast.

Life is good. Thanks for this day.

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  1. That food sounds scrumdilliumptious! I will have to get your recipes.

    And I have to tell you that I am so thoroughly amazed at your dedication and commitment to everything you do. Even this blog–you started in december 2007 and have written consistently every single month. And your wonderful kombucha, which requires its own level of care and nurturing. And I can’t wait to try your delicious recipes!


    • Hey Chris, I’m sorry I never replied to your yummy comment. And I totally enjoy sharing recipes with you. And talk of t’ai chi. And more…

      Thanks for being such an important healing presence in my life.


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