gratitude wednesday 10/22

I am grateful! I completed three days of the master cleanse. The only solid food I ate for three days was some flax and hemp seeds.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a cleanse with so little food. In the past I’ve done rice diets and even date diets (a very very bad idea—way too sugary). And a modified master cleanse with one meal a day.

It was very interesting to notice my energy. I did well during the days for the most part, and then got very tired once it got dark. Was in bed by ten two of out three nights. And then last night I couldn’t sleep. Strange. Different. And it’s over now.

I woke up early today and started cooking. Roasting brussels sprouts and steaming artichokes. Food is back in the fridge and I just tasted one sprout and an artichoke leaf to test for doneness. Yum. Green food.

I am grateful for fresh produce, locally grown as much as possible. Confession: I buy avocados as close as possible to year-round, even when California’s crops are dormant and the avos are coming from South America. Local as much as possible.

I’m grateful for my haircut. I’m growing my hair (one more, final, try). It’s quite long on top now; still have so far to go. Wonder if I can make it past the awkward stage this time…

I’m grateful for morning sunshine and comedy on the radio.

Life is good and I am blessed.

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