Gratitude Wednesday 1/18

It’s a good morning to be grateful! Seriously.

  • View from the MarinaI am grateful for the business coaching I gave myself as a gift. To be in a supported process of discernment, clarifying and repurposing my mission and offers. It is extremely exciting. Yes, it’s also kinda daunting, but exciting nonetheless!
  • I am grateful that I got the new page up on my website supporting the Love Letter teleclass.
  • And crazy grateful that for the very first time there’s a button on my website that allows people to send me money through PayPal. Talk about opening up the moneyflow!
  • I am grateful for a reunion visit with a friend I haven’t seen since 2005, since I left Sacramento. What a lovely visit, walking by the bay and having lunch at Vik’s Chaat. And talking about a possible project we could do together. End-to-end fabulous!
  • I am grateful that the Awakening Joy class begins next week. Exciting to be in a homework assignment like this one:

“…make a experiment of noticing all the good moments in your life as you go through the day. When you’re experiencing a moment of well-being, peace, happiness, gratitude, or kindness take a few moments to really let yourself feel that positive feeling….as a game, try to be present for those uplifting moments when they’re here. Take a few breaths to relax into the experience by feeling it in your body.”

Now that’s a homework assignment! Sounds like it can deepen my gratitude practice and attitude, which is what drew me to sign up in the first place.

  • I’m grateful for giving myself the gift of a healing session this weekend. Actually my weekend is full of gorgeous self-love stuff. A visioning, yoga and meditation workshop on Saturday, and two healing sessions on Sunday!!! Plus a haircut. Life is unbelievably rich!
  • I am grateful for my incredibly comfy and warm bed. For SmartWool socks, fleece shirts and working heaters. For delicious food. For being such an awesome cook. For being brave enough to sing a song to my ritual-planning mates over the phone (I am such a bad singer!). For having a deep spiritual life, with deep ritualized workings in celebration of the turning of the wheel, in reverent honoring of the goddess.
  • I am grateful for carrying that loving connection to spirit in my heart and for the way it informs every moment of my life.
  • I am grateful for working inside the spirit of International Self-Love Day on February 13th and for offering a teleclass that will help people to write a Love Letter to themselves from Spirit (which will then get mailed back to them at the end of the year). How cool is that! There’s still room, join us! Oh and it’s free (donation by open contribution, and I won’t ask you to donate until after the work is done)

Love and blessings!

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