gratitude wednesday 12/12

  1. I’m grateful this morning! To be warm, to be healthy, to be rested.
  2. I’m grateful for receiving the gratitudes of others in my inbox.
  3. I’m grateful to be publishing this blog, to be sending my gratitudes out to wherever they’re meant to go.I’m grateful for learning all that goes with  becoming a blogger. Well, not all—I know there’s lots more for more to learn—but what I’ve learned so far has been huge!
  4. I’m grateful for my very full schedule. Lots of work, lots of life.
  5. I’m grateful for the darkness. I’m grateful for the internal empowered quiet of the dark time. And I’m so grateful that I’ve come to love this time of year. It used to frighten and depress me. Not any more. I’m glad I am in the knowing of the wheel of the year and how the fullness of the light is contained in the darkness. And vice versa.
  6. I’m grateful for the box of books sent by Bette-Lee. A reader’s delight!
  7. I’m grateful for my required reading for my year and a day of initiation. I’m reading about women’s archetypes now—The Women’s Wheel of Life; Thirteen Archetypes by Davis and Leonard—and it’s a great book. I love the expansive idea that we move through these archetypes both linearly as we age and dynamically as is called for by life.
  8. I’m grateful for my dad’s health and that he knows who I am and what’s going on—most of the time. It could be worse. And it might get worse. Sigh. One day at a time.
  9. I’m grateful my sister is going to make and freeze some latkes for me and Rose. I was so not looking forward to the whole latke prep. 
  10. I am grateful that a client wrote an online dating profile for me. Lighthearted and fun. I’ve gotten three responses from it already.
  11. I’m grateful to be a woman who dates. This is so different! I really really really didn’t think I could/would. Ever. Date. And that long-closed door is now open. Who knows what could happen next? I might even want to kiss someone! 
  12. I am grateful for living in California and for knowing that sometime soon avocados will be in season again. Yesterday when I was buying more imported tasteless long-to-ripen avos at the market, I thought *sheesh, this is like living in New York! Rock-hard avocados that take over a week to ripen.* It will be so lovely to see avos again at the farmers market. And for now, thank goodness for the imports.I am grateful to cut myself some slack. Yes I’m a localvore. I’m also an avocado addict and it’s winter. I do my best. My kitchen and cupboards are stocked with local everything as much as possible. My olive oil was pressed in Sacramento. I’m even reading shampoo labels to reduce truck miles!
  13. I’m grateful for the kindness of people in my life. Andrew hanging my new curtains for me. Dustin helping me with my blog. How lucky am I!
  14. Every cell in my body is alive with the energy of spirit. Every cell in my body is alive with the energy of spirit. Every cell in my body is alive with the energy of spirit. I declare myself healthy and that the muscles and tendons and ligaments in my body move with ease and strength. And that my body digests food with ease. I know that everywhere in the universe is the powerful loving living spirit that inspires and motivates everything. This spirit is everywhere I look, in the morning sunrise, in the birds in flight, in the flowers lingering on the bare vines. In the smiles of the people I meet. In financial abundance. In generosity. All is the spirit of the universe made manifest. And this wonderful spirit is alive in me. In my bones. In my muscles. In my connective tissue. In my heart and circulation. In my belly. In my mind and nerves. Spirit is in me, is me, as me. I am so grateful to know this! I am so grateful to be in the knowing of spirit in me and everywhere around me. I declare myself to be healthy strong flexible and moving with ease. I release this word into the perfect perfect law of the universe. I let it go and let spirit take care of everything. I know that I already have everything, that my request has already been answered! I let it go and I let it go and I let it go. And so it is!

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