gratitude wednesday 12/19

I am grateful to be alive. To be recuperating. To be less sick today than yesterday. To have slept, even if I had to sleep sitting up. Survival when my head is stuffed includes sleeping sitting up, leaning on pillows.

I’m grateful I’m not on antibiotics. I hope to never take antibiotics again—to subject my digestive system to them.

I’m grateful for my acupuncturist and my nutrition doctor and their input. Between the Chinese herbs and the ionic silver and zinc and the mushrooms and the astragalus and the vitamin C I have a lot of herbal and supplemental allies working for my return to health.

I’m grateful I can make amends. I was impatient with a sponsee when she called yesterday and I apologized today. Freely. That’s a new skill for me and it feels good.

crumbI am so grateful I got my business gifts out yesterday. A donation to Building Futures for Women and Children in my clients’ names. Plus seven lucky clients got a beautiful calendar I found at SFMOMA. I have always loved R Crumb, from my formative druggie hippie years in the ’70s. In fact, the restaurant I had for a while was called Mr. Natural and I secretly identified hugely with Lenore Goldberg, both Crumb characters.

I’m grateful I summoned the energy to go to the post office and mail out the calendars. I’m grateful I had the energy to engineer the envelopes (calendars don’t fit in standard envelopes) and get this project completed.

I’m grateful I got my cooking done.

I’m grateful I took care of my investments. And made the calls I needed to make, including the one to deal with the 5¢ bill from AT&T. Love that!

I’m grateful my dad is doing as well as he is.

I’m grateful I’m walking in faith. Knowing that all is well and handled in the perfect law of this perfect universe. That I am where I am supposed to be. That things will work out as intended, as necessary and for the good of all. And so it is. Blessed be.

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