Gratitude Wednesday 12/7

So much about life is mysterious and mystifying. And sometimes downright hard to deal with. I’m just sayin’…

So, because I know it works, because I know it grounds me, because I know that I and the world with which I connect is better off for it, I will start off with a gratitude list.

I am a grateful woman.

  • Today I am grateful for my health and for every breath I take I am grateful that I meditated today, that I added quality to my life by calling divine love and source into my heart I am grateful that I showed up today for my work, that I met with my powerful clients and delivered the coaching I am privileged to be asked to give I am grateful that I took this current Mercury retrograde’s trickster attempt to make me lose it with grace.
  • The mysterious power outage only in my office, affecting only my computer and printer and modem and router was easy enough to diagnose and repair, with no lasting harm done. That was last night. Then this morning’s mysterious calendar failure was also easy enough to diagnose and set to rights.
  • I am grateful that I am taking care of myself. This bronchial event that has hit me hard, well, here’s how I’m coping. I’m sitting on the couch, feet up, with green tea and a pot of lung tea of my own devising (with Candis Cantin’s help)—elderflower, elderberry, ginger, thyme, coptis and rose hip (with Candis Cantin’s help) at my right hand. I couldn’t find any elecampane to add to the mix so I got a bronchial tincture that contains elecampane and other herbs which I’m also taking. I’m grateful that I’m dressed warm and that right here in my front room it’s nice and toasty.
  • I’m grateful I have cough drops to soothe my sore throat.
  • I’m grateful for the response to the Magnolias West Gratitude Challenge (still open, join in any time!). So lovely to be sharing this powerful practice with others! I’m grateful for every moment of love I have experienced, especially those moments of giving love.
  • I’m grateful to be banking locally. All accounts are going now at Bank of Alameda, and in just a week or two I can withdraw the remaining funds of Bank of America. This is a big accomplishment.
  • I’m grateful for the inspired brave members of the Occupy movement who have inspired me to take actions large and small and to walk my talk in many ways.
  • I’m grateful for solitude and quiet.
  • I’m grateful that I’ve become a woman who enjoys her own company.
  • I’m grateful that I’d rather accept what is than complain about what is not.
  • I am grateful for the love that is in the sunshine and the darkness and the warm love of my friends and family.

Blessed be!


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