Gratitude Wednesday 2/1—Signs of spring at Imbolc. And more. (Of course.)


Before I start rhapsodizing about the signs of springs everywhere I look (and in my belly!), I want to express some serious gratitude for this period of discernment and learning that I am in. I am so crazy grateful that I put the brakes on. Stopped the (more desperate than I care to admit) marketing merry-go-round enough to take stock. It was clear to me:

My mission, my gift, my services deserved to be better presented. I deserved to get clarity about what I am about, who I am here to serve, and then to implement what I learn.

And I’m distilling all that I’m learning into new messaging and new offerings. And I’m raising my Amazon shield and ululating my geschrei — that’s Yiddish for a loud yell — and trusting the goddess, and the faith that others have in me even when I can’t feel it myself, and moving forward every day.

It takes chutzpah to invest time and treasure in myself. I have always had plenty of chutzpah for others, but turning it back around so that it was for me, not so easy!

I am so grateful that I finally created the space for me to express the longing, ask the ask, and open to receive.


So…on to Signs of Spring!

February 1st. Day before Imbolc. The midpoint between winter and spring.

And I’m seeing signs of spring everywhere! Seriously. Starting with the asparagus. I thought my sister was crazy when she asked me if I’d seen California asparagus at the market yet. Thought it was about two weeks too soon. Well! Yesterday at Berkeley Bowl, there it was, California asparagus. Which I grilled this morning, right in time for my lunch.

In case you’ve never, here’s how: high direct heat, covered (at least on a gas grill, which is what I use), four minutes, then turn, and depending on size of spears another three or four minutes. About the size: pencil asparagus don’t grill up as perfectly as medium spears like these do. The ratio of outer char to inner tender perfection doesn’t really work with the skinny ones (they become all char, not much left on the inside). Same with the jumbos, just the other way ’round. To get them perfectly cooked on the inside, the outside will probably go beyond tasty char to seriously blackened.  So, stick with the medium spears and light the grill.

Don’t have a grill? Roast them. I don’t have the time and temperature specs on roasting, but I’m sure you can find that in a few seconds of Googlemancy.

I remember when I lived on the east coast (NYC, most of my life, until 1994), and at the beginning of February you could see just the faintest signs of spring. At least if there had been some mild days in the mix. Then you could see hint of swelling on the buds on the trees, and sometimes the tiniest tips of snowdrops and crocuses starting to poke up in the cracks between the paving stones, in the dirt around trees, up through the snow. Now I live in California, where on my daily walks, I am already seeing flowers in bloom.

These pictures were taken in the last few days. An unusually early spring, they say. And while we need more wintry rain, I’m loving the signs of quickening everywhere I look! And the magnolias are starting to bloom. The topmost branches of some magnolias that get sun are starting to blossom. Getting to be close to time to get together with my kid and have our annual magnolias photo shoot. Many photos of magnolias to come. That’s a promise!  


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