gratitude wednesday 2/13

I’m grateful for my relationship with my daughter, for the phone call from her yesterday. She called to be smug, to report that she was able to find a $70 motel room in SF and had a great time getting free birthday drinks at bars Sunday night, celebrating her 21st b’day. I’m grateful grateful grateful for my sweet daughter in my life.

I’m grateful for being the cook that I am, for delicious food that I lovingly prepare for myself and loved ones.

I’m grateful to be a risky cook. I tried a new slow-roast method for brussels sprouts yesterday. Didn’t come out as yummy as the fast way. Now I know. Still edible. Thank goodness. As I prep/cook a lot of them at a time. Energy at stake: time and money.

I’m grateful for a productive meeting with a happy client and new work secured. Right on.

I’m grateful for reconciled checking accounts. For knowing my money truth.

I’m grateful for a night at home. Knitting, watching tv. Resting.

I am so grateful to know that this stiff neck will pass and I will feel better soon.

Life is good; I am blessed.

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