gratitude wednesday 2/18

I’m listening to Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour. I get so much pleasure listening to his playlists every week. This week it’s cops and outlaws. Just heard the original “I Shot the Sheriff” by Buddy Holly. And Nat King Cole’s “Call the Police.” Great stuff. He mixes in a bunch of movie and tv dialogue and other wonderful sounds.

I’m grateful for being willing and able to get up early and work. Out of bed at 6:30, at the computer, meeting my commitments by 7:15.

I’m grateful for being able and willing to work late last night. At the computer working on the proposal that’s due tomorrow until 9 pm.

I’m grateful this crunch will end tomorrow! This is a packed week.

I’m grateful for moving through tricky negotiations with a family member who has now hired me to do design work. It got bumpy, we moved through it and now it feels quite smooth.

I’m grateful for all this rain; we need more! Bring on the wet wet rain.

I’m grateful for possibility, for new work, for growth. For faith and love and hope. For my sister and my daughter. For getting a phone call from my daughter asking for my sister’s phone number so that Rose could properly thank my sister for a birthday gift. Nice. My daughter has a big big heart.

I’m grateful to be grateful. Simple, not easy. And saves me from myself.

Blessed be.

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