gratitude wednesday 2/24

New moon in Pisces today. As noted in the MoonCircles blog:

Mercury (the mind) and Jupiter (expansive vision) joined in inventive Aquarius last night, amplifying the visionary possibilities of this New Moon.

Venus, planet of finances, love and the deep feminine, turns backward in the spirited, pioneering sign of Aries March 6 through April 17. This is an ideal time to fearlessly salvage dreams and talents that have long been buried. Though this nostalgic phase is not the best time for making major purchases or starting new relationships, Venus retrograde is a magical period for cultivating creativity and self-love. The Goddess of Love wants to help us bust through old blockages to realizing our ideal selves, if we’re open to her guidance!

Snipped from AstroWisdom‘s blog:

This is a New Moon ripe for direct revelation of this most paradoxical of truths: We are nothing and everything; full and empty. All dualistic existence is interconnected and sourced in that which abides beyond duality. This and each successive moment presents an opportunity to choose love and peace.

This is the New Moon to look at what we cling to. We come here with nothing and we leave with nothing. Why then do we hold so tight to things that will not last? What can we give away? What can we share? The world needs our generosity, caring, compassion and love.

Nice to know. Works for me.

I’m grateful for the flow and the awarenesses that comes from being aware of the moon and where she is every day.

I’m grateful for a visit with a friend last night, hanging out at a coffee shop in Berkeley for an hour and a half talking about everything. Our creativity, our craft, our friendship, our kids. I love my new friend!

I’m grateful for my relationship with my accountant; this has become a friendship.

For a lunch date yesterday with a business friend.

And for happy clients and projects moving forward.

Life is good and I am blessed.

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