gratitude wednesday 3/18

Grateful for everything this morning. For cold sunshine (I love early spring!) and the bluest blue sky.

For patience. For willingness. Yes, I had an early tech-support call! Another go-round with Comcast. The cable box punked out again last night—froze. I rebooted it and went to bed with everything working. Woke up this morning and it had reset itself overnight and wiped out all my scheduled recordings. There’s nothing there; it’s wiped out.

Comcast’s cust-service has devolved to something punitive…”You may be assessed a fee that cannot be overturned if the tech determines the fault is within your home.” Sheesh. Nice. This freakin’ box has been freezing for months; the phone support folks told me to call and get a replacement if it keeps happening and then the next support person tells me it might be my fault and I might have to pay for the call.

God bless America! As much as I love technology, there are times I wonder if I’m living in the right century.

I am grateful for patience. And willingness. And the ability to watch my tone. And change it. And then change it again when I get impatient.

I am grateful for my love of cooking. (And eating!) I cooked up asparagus and sweet potatoes on the grill. And roasted brussels sprouts. And dry-fried some snap peas—barely, just until they changed color a little. And stir-fried some greens (chard and kale) with a tiny bit of sesame oil and rice vinegar. Yum and yum!

I am grateful for getting this blog listed on Alltop. And for expanding my Twitter connections—I’m in the conversation now!

And I’m grateful for Dustin’s help with the WordPress code; I couldn’t make text wrap around my picture yesterday and now I can! God bless Dustin. I love our partnership.

One more day…ordination tomorrow. Wow. Excitement. A little fear. A lot of wonder and awe. A good place to stand today.

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