gratitude wednesday 3/19

It’s Wednesday morning, the equinox is around the corner. Life is lovely.

I am grateful for my morning yoga. For lighting a candle and welcoming and honoring the day. For dedicating myself to the day. For allying myself with the spirit of the goddess. For the goodness of spirit. Blessed be.

I am grateful for patience. For breathing through moments of challenge. And since I’m a breathing human with a rich and juicy life, challenges abound!

I’m grateful to have offered to visit with my dad today. I’ve been giving him less energy than I like. So I will show up for that today.

I am grateful to have taken on mindful eating and grateful eating. And to be empowering myself and my own health. I am doing my best every meal, every day.

I’m grateful for time with H, for telling the truth, for friendship strong enough to withstand the truth. Mmmmmmm.

I’m grateful for safe travels, for my trusty car, for BART.

And for my busy day full of paying work.

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