gratitude wednesday 5/14

I’m up. Well rested. I had a lovely sleep. I have that feeling I get when I get up a little earlier than I planned. Like I’ve been gifted with the treasure of expanded time. Of more day. Nice.

I am so enjoying my life.

I’m working hard. With lots of interesting projects and the possibility of more to come.

Digging in the dirt. Growing succulents, which are looking fabulous. Picking lettuce and bok choy from the garden. And purslane (aka verdolagas), which everyone else sees as a nuisance, and which I love to eat.

Entering into my favorite season at the farmers market. Bought nine beautiful apricots yesterday. Heavenly.

Grilling meat and vegies. Grilling about three weeks of meat in one session and cutting it up and freezing it in various serving combinations. Grilling asparagus and snap peas.

Adding more and more foods to my diet. Raw celery and raw Chinese broccoli have now been added. Widening the color palette and the flavor palette. More bitter/astringent, stepping out of what I believe I dislike, stepping into possibility.

Submitting a proposal for an activity for our upcoming full moon ritual. A self-portrait activity. Now I get to let go and see what happens.

I declare, I know, that all is already well in my body, in my life, in the life of my loved ones and all beings. I am so glad to know that everywhere I look is a manifestation of the loving divine spirit that is all that is. And is all that is me. Divine spirit in me as me is me. I am so grateful to know that everything I need is already manifest. That there is no lack, no loss, no death. How lovely to be in this body, having all these opportunities to breathe in and breathe out this loving energy. I release this knowing into the perfect law of this perfect energy and I let go and let spirit continue to do its wonders and I am grateful for all of it. And so it is. Blessed be.

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