gratitude wednesday 5/28

It’s a beautiful day. Rose’s car was found four blocks from where it was stolen. She picks it up today. Minus the stereo. Hopefully drivable. It’s in one piece, they say. And a fee of $240 to pick it up! Towage and stowage. Could be worse. And, I guess, a nice incentive to remember to never ever ever leave the car running while she’s making a delivery—no matter how nice the nabe—again.

I am so happy for this news. And so grateful to my witch sister Iris who helped me stay out of panic. I’m thankful for Jackie’s call back. And for prayer and positive intention for a happy outcome. And for my daughter walking through this. And to the positive life skills that Rose exhibited in this challenging time. I think that I do in fact set examples for my daughter that are positive and worthwhile. Nice to see. Nice to know.

I’m grateful to be busy, to be doing well in my work.

I’m grateful to be taking such good care of myself.

I’m grateful for the women in my life that inspire and motivate and love me. And vice versa.

And for the men that I’m lucky enough to have as friends and coworkers.

Life goes on, I am blessed and I thank the goddess and guardians again for finding Rose’s car. Woohoo!

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