Gratitude Wednesday 6/30

I am grateful to Thora. I now have the translation I need to make a lovely food allergy card in English and French, with pix, and laminate it. Perfect. Burning travel question of the day:

I have a car charger for my iPhone. Your basic cigarette lighter plug–type. Will it, oh will it, fit into the cigarette lighters in car rentals in England, Ireland and France? I gotta know this, obviously!

I am a grateful woman.

I had a first date yesterday with a lovely woman and we are going to see each other again. Nice. I’m smiling. And she likes to flirt by text. Be still my techno-geeky heart.

I’m back in the Twitter conversation after a long time away and am finding myself actually caring about what some of these people have to say. Hope it’s creating what it’s meant to create for me: visibility, credibility, prosperity!

I had a lovely afternoon in the world. My noon AA meeting, my date, therapy, the farmers market, the grocery store, the genius bar, Old Navy. No purchases. No right and perfect cargo shorts. Got home tired and happy.

I worked last night. Got my Green America listing updated. And read through all my biz calendars to make sure I’m committed to the right events this coming month.

I put my laundry away on the day I did the laundry. Unusual lately. Nice to have it complete. Well almost complete. Will get those socks that have been air-drying put away next.

I found some kombucha on the shelf at Berkeley Bowl. Bought a few bottles just because I could, and to create a few more empties for my home brewing. This brew-haha (I made up a word!) about ‘bucha and its alcoholic properties is silly. I have been sober for 19 years. I drink ‘bucha every day. I feel no buzz from it. I hope this gets resolved quick. I miss ‘bucha on tap at my local Whole Foods.

I am blessed. I am of service. I am useful. And I am prosperous.


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  1. you’re welcome!

    i have no idea if your car charger will work- i would recommend calling or emailing your rental company and asking. also, be sure and take adapters for all the countries you will be in- as i recall, irish plugs, and maybe british as well, are different than ones on the continent. don’t know if that’s still true, but i think it was 10 yrs ago.

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