gratitude wednesday 6/4

dad.jpgDad’s 84th birthday. That’s him. And me. My pop.

I’m grateful for having him in my life. And for showing up for his aging. The best I can. And that my sister is so involved with him too.

I’m grateful that I have grown to be a woman who can be present for parent and child.

I am blessed.

I’m grateful for business connections that continue to grow. I’m grateful for meeting with a business friend at a coffee shop and talking shop. I’m grateful for the farmer’s market, for fruit and vegetables. For cooking up lots of food last night (doing my best to make sure I have what I need through this upcoming dance intensive weekend).

I’m grateful for projects moving along and for working on creating new ones.

I’m grateful for realizing that I had forgotten two phone calls I was scheduled to make and then making them.

I’m grateful for knowing that I am human and as a human I make mistakes. And I have. And now I get to tell the truth about that.

I’m grateful to be alive. To be feeling So. Much. Better. already after four days on my new herbal medicine. Wowowowow.

I am grateful that I’m continually willing to keep looking for the way to health and healing.

I am blessed. I am whole perfect and complete. Life is lovely. Blessed be!

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