gratitude wednesday 7/16

I am grateful for progress made. Only took five tries to sew two seams. My pa’u is almost finished. My sister set up her sewing machine for me and helped me plan and pin and gave me lots of support to do this sewing project. This simple job of two straight seams was tough for me; took lots of planning. My first attempt was pretty funny—I had twisted the fabric so it made a Mobius strip. That was the first time I had to rip. Then I discovered that I had sewn right over the channels for the drawstring and the elastic. Rip again! Luckily the fabric survived my multiple sew and rip and sew and rip attempts. There’s one teeny hole in the skirt. Sheesh.

Next: pulling the drawstring through 4.5 yards of fabric and the elastic through the top. Borrowed a wire hangar from my sister for this task. [No wire hangars in my house. Go ahead. Laugh. It’s true.]

Then I iron, then I’m done. Wow. Big project.

I’m grateful for resilience. I was bigtime disappointed yesterday when a project for which I was in the running didn’t get awarded to me and my group. Darn. I’m grateful for new possibilities and for showing up for offering my services.

I’m grateful for my commitment to be positive. To not whine. To be the attitude I want to attract in my world.

I’m grateful for my commitment to health joy and radiant love. I am committed to positive thought to positive intention to loving acceptance. I am committed to the knowing that all is already well.

Sending love and light to K & J in this time of challenge. Healing is present.

I am blessed.

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  1. Large safety pins also work well for pulling drawstrings and elastic through skirts. I actually find them easier to manipulate than wire hangers (my hands don’t seem to be strong enough to straighten a hanger easily).

  2. Thank you for holding us in your loving energy. I’m guessing the sewing is for your hula ceremony? I get a visual of persistence. I too have no wire hangers, thanks to de-cluttering.

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